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  •  This is a b/w and color versions of the back cover to Little Shoppe of Horrors #22, which is a magazine focusing on classic British horror films. The character’s in Timm’s composition appear to be a mix from two different 1970’s era Hammer Dracula flicks…’Dracula A.D. 1972’ and ‘The Satanic Rites of Dracula’. Includes Christopher Lee as Dracula, Peter Cushing as Prof. Von Helsing, and Stephanie Beacham as Jessica Von Helsing (holding dagger in lower left).


  • Escape from Arkham Asylum: Poison Ivy Style 
    from Harley & Ivy #1 (2004)
    by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm

  • Writer Paul Dini adapted  the classic 1952 comic story "THE JOKER’S MILLIONS" (originally published in Detective Comics #180) for an episode of THE NEW BATMAN ADVENTURES animated series in 1998. This storyboards were drawn by Bruce Timm.

  • "We Want You" by Bruce Timm (+ version for procrastinators)

  • Dynamite Entertainment has announced via a press release that it will kick off 2015 with a celebration of the 100th anniversary of King Features Syndicate, the print syndication company owned by The Hearst Corporation. This celebration, dubbed the “King” event, will include new limited series starring King Features Syndicate comic strip heroes Flash Gordon, Madrake the Magician, Prince Valiant, The Phantom and Jungle Jim. These five limited series, which begin in January 2015, will culminate in a large crossover event in May. The first issue of each “King” mini will feature an interlocking cover by Darwyn Cooke.


  • «Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories»

    «Harley Quinn» #14 Flash Variant (January 2015)

    cover art by Bruce Timm

  • All Crime Comics #3 cover by Bruce Timm

  • «Warner Digital Series, DC Entertainment and visual effects pioneer, OTOY Inc., today announced work on a groundbreaking immersive entertainment experience that will see the Batcave from the acclaimed Emmy® Award–winning Batman: The Animated Series brought to life via interactive holographic video for virtual reality displays. The interactive narrative experience will give fans the opportunity to explore Batman’s world like never before, allowing them to feel what it is like to be inside the show’s stylized universe on devices such as the Samsung GALAXY Gear VR, the Oculus Rift, and on forthcoming ‘glasses-free’ light field displays that will power future TV and mobile devices.

    Bruce Timm is guiding the meticulous adaptation of the original 1992 designs into a fully realized universe with volume and depth. OTOY is also developing tools that perfectly preserve the show’s distinct visual drawing style in 3D space, without requiring any post-production work or manual artist intervention»


  • The Spirit / The Rocketeer #1-2 connected covers

    by Darwyn Cooke & J. Bone